The survival of human kind and other living organisms depends largely plants

The vitality of plants for the survival of living beings

Plants are vital for overall growth, environment and medicinal purposes. The survival of human species and other living organisms is largely dependent on plants and their existence. Even the new era technology of today focuses most on working towards making the best use of plants for fuel. Although perishable, plants have found an inseparable place in human life and the uses for plants are many:

FuelThe green plants are being explored for fuel purpose apart from the regular coal and the fossil fuels. Burning wood has certainly been an old trend, but scientific research is making ways for fuel alternatives. Car fuel that pollutes less and is more efficient is under analysis. Microbial fuel cell has been a plant associated energy source. The plants like reed mannagrass has been used to produce electrical energy using the fuel cells.
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Plants are vital to the environment because animals and humans depend to a large extent on plants.

The biofuel also involves making the alcohol from plants for running the multiple electric appliances around us. The biofuel like butanol produced from wood chips, cellulose of the plant stalks and the corn starch or sugarcane. It is all useful for creating highly efficient plant based energy sources. Ethanol based plant energy sources tha make use of the fermentation techniques are popular. Fuel ethanol produced from wheat, corn, beet, barley and sweet sorghum are being used for the increase in demand of energy.

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You can create energy sources with plants one of them is the biofuel that is made from plant alcohol.

The plant life has been successful in soothing the pain and aches of humans since time unknown. Herbs and extracts for curing the diseases and ailments were explored by the people of ancient civilization, there are a lot of herbal medicines e.g. Cialis. Willow leafs provided ingredient that worked as the aspirin, foxglove treated digitalis and there is extract from chinchona tree which led to malaria treatment. There are many drugs like the vincristine from periwinkle that treats leukemia. The nutrients of vitamins are also available.

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Plants can also be used in medicine as extracts and herbs that are used to cure aches and diseases.